Cross Browser Compatibility

Your favorite web browser is intimately familiar to you. It has a unique set of features that suit your daily needs – both for work and for “just surfing the web”. Viewing a website in a different browser can often be a strange, even stressful experience. The things just aren’t the same! Especially if the convert PSD to HTML phase of website creation was consigned to a less than a top notch professional designer, who knows exactly how to make all content equally usable (and pretty!) in every major browser. How to make the website cross browser compatible.

Cross browser css coding has advanced enormously in recent years. A near-exact cross-browser markup was just a dream ever since Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 1.0 in the early 1990s to compete with Netscape Navigator.

On the contrary, developers today can and should strive to achieve perfect cross-browser compatibility. This is what we do. The exclusive use of hand coded markup in our work allows creating lean, crisp web pages that download faster, crash less often, and have near perfect accessibility rating.

What do we mean by that?

cross-browser compatibility

Pixel Perfect Cross Browser Conversion

Whenever you buy services of experienced front-end developers like HTML&CMS, you can be sure that we convert psd to CSS with due diligence, and that the end product will be viewable in any major web browser and hand held device, as well as accessible to physically disabled users who rely on senses other than vision to get content from Internet.

Only 75% of all web users today use IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari with a full set of recommended plug-ins. The other 25% - millions of people – use something else. This includes hundreds of thousands of (no-nonsense) users who simply dislike flash or javascript and turn them off intentionally. Each of these users is still able to get the maximum functionality out of every website we convert psd to html for.

Even if you decide to turn to our competitors for pixel perfect conversion and convert psd to xhtml services, please don’t give the job to a psd slicing amateur. Creating a beautiful design is easier than finding a qualified freelancer who truly can deliver html coding sufficiently good to make your design look great in every browser. And yet, a well designed website must be viewed easily via dozens of browsers and their modifications. This provides better usability and viewer satisfaction, as well as shorter loading times and accessibility of content to search engine crawlers.

None of this can be guaranteed by freelance developers. Simply put, each modern browser is far too complex for a small company, let alone an individual developer, to be able to competently run a cross browser check for your website.

We hire experts who know their respective browsers intimately and tested dozens of websites to ensure near perfect cross browser compatibility for our clients.

Cross Browser Testing

We will make your website look its best for any user — with any device, any software.

While no company on the market can promise 100% compatibility – some things like Forms and Typography are truly out of the developer’s control – we guarantee that, with very rare exceptions, the code we write will make your design look perfectly gorgeous in every major browser.

We strive to create marvelous hand coded html markup for each client who trusts us with his or her website. Order today and rest assured that your website will get more visitors and higher search engine ratings, and your work will be viewable by any user using any browser.

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