Search engine indexing in SEO semantic aspects

Index search engine work as an enormous database of network resources; this database is updated and modified on a permanent basis by search bots. Bots are constantly surfing internet and checking updates of the existing sites, as find seo semantic code, they enter all updates and make changes into the base. In case new site just appeared, search bots find new pages, looking through the code and special script enter new information into the base. The indexing process of a new site, usually takes from 2 days to several weeks. Bots visit site again and again and adds to the database new informations from the pages. But new seo valued tags help to search engines robots in "understanding" the page structure and in finding the most important part to index.

SEO friendly markup

SEO friendly html markupMostly, the speed and depth of adding depends on a site structure, site usability and optimization quality. The only way to obtain good optimization that fits the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is to develop site as easy recognizable by the appropriate bots. Making on the site SEO friendly markup is an important and reliable way to organize good and relatively cheap kind of advertisement. In the other words, it is not an advertisement in itself, but sometimes it’s not less important. Search results of correctly optimized site that have SEO friendly markup, work on its popularity much better than an advertisement, of cause, in a search results such sites are among first in the list.

In order to develop a kind of SEO friendly markup, several instruments are often used when making semantic markup. Special HTML tags are used while developing semantic links or connections in the document and between different documents. The other aspect of SEO semantic code is a combination of named elements; this is included in a code as invisible for the users, but visible for the search engines set of elements, a kind of SEO valued HTML tags.  All this is needed in order to create an abstract logic of the document, a kind of philosophy that is specially designed for the search engines.

HTML document structure for better search engines indexing

The most important content of the page must be placed in the beginning of the page, otherwise bots could not notice all of the content in a one visit or index not the right content from the page. Our company always remember about this specify, so we put container with the most important information as high as possible in HTML code.

HTML5 SEO tags

HTML5 SEO friendly markupHTML5 specification is developed especially for creating a well-optimized sites; it helps to make indexing fast and reliable. Used in HTML5 SEO tags, are well known among the search bots, and they widely use it while indexing. For example, search crawler will firstly check the information in <article> tag as most important and will name it with the title from <header> block. After that it will go to next pages from <nav> block.

HTML5 SEO tags

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