Tableless CSS Layout - Epitome of Separation of presentation and content

One of the great innovations in web design, cascading style sheets (CSS), was introduced over a decade ago. Its benefits are numerous. Do you still use HTML-based tables for content presentation? Then you realize that making a typo can result in your webpage being completely scrambled and unreadable. Meanwhile, tableless web layout gives you, the web designer, greater control and ease of fixing errors.

html and css layoutHaving used CSS for years now, we can’t help but wonder: why hasn’t everyone switched from HTML tables to tableless web design yet? Clearly, a CSS-based website offers multiple advantages to both you and the end user.

Developed to further separate design and content, cascading style sheets allow loading speeds and ease of making changes to website which are unthinkable for a website where tables are used for layout. Here’s why we love tableless layout, and you should, too!

 CSS Templates and Samples

CSS markup - Site is faster, more usable

Furthermore, if your site is deeper than a couple of pages, CSS can make a world of difference for users on slower connections – the content loads considerably faster. When your website with div based markup gets a first-time visitor, the first page along with the style sheet is loaded into the browser. While this could take an extra second compared to loading an all html markup site, this time is compensated multiple times over while user goes through multiple pages on your site. Faster website means better usability and happier users, who are sure to keep coming back. Isn’t this what good design is all about?

W3C valid markup - Coding errors are easy to fix

Unless you never make mistakes while coding (e.g. you are a robot), you must be familiar with the frustration of occasionally deleting a letter here or there and making a mess of your web page. With a tableless web page, any error is immediately obvious. And you are able to spot it quickly – on average, much quicker than in a document using table layout.

Webpage is more accessible

Crossbrowser capability is still important – and will be until the day every Internet user agrees to exclusive use of a single browser (yeah, right!) While the majority of users today use Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera, many still have browsers that are outdated or not sophisticated enough to recognize all of the code you use in daily work. If your website employs a traditional table within table layout, an older browser will often crash, or scramble your page trying to view it.

cross-browser css layout

Guess what happens if this same user visits a page created by a designer who follows the tableless layout philosophy? The page is interpreted correctly in any display resolution and your visitor is able to get the information he is after – even if unable to view and appreciate the quality of your creation. The content that user’s browser is unable to recognize is simply ignored.

Is a more usable, easier to maintain and multiple-browser-friendly website what you need to get more work done, and focus on creating masterpieces? We believe the answer is YES.

What we offer you is a transition

from here



to here




a lot of HTML tags

FEWER HTML TAGS used purely to lay out content
Page loads faster and is easy to correct


Unparalleled ease of updating and maintaining

Content order can be confusing to SE crawlers

Search engines get data faster, meaning your website gets indexed faster


So let’s get you started. Check out the portfolio and see for yourself how attractive a website with tableless layout looks. If you haven’t yet quit using html markup for both content and presentation, today is a good day to do so.

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