HTML5 and CSS3 – 34 of the World’s Top 100 Sites Use It Already… Are You?

Just like English is the language of the world today, HTML5 is sure to become the language of the web development world tomorrow. Originally proposed by Opera Software, HTML5 is recommended by to create modern websites making use of cutting-edge technology. By hand coding this newest version of HTML, we can make your website faster and better looking, especially if you target mobile device users as well as desktop users.

A key feature of this powerful markup language is more semantic pages, so that screenreaders and search engines can navigate your website easily. Moreover, semantic features available in HTML5 allow including and handling graphical and multimedia content in just two clicks. The most obvious advantage of the fifth revision of the HTML standard is its numerous APIs with great opportunities such as offline data storage and event-based drag&drop system.

html5 template and layout

CSS3 – Latest Incarnation of Cascading Style Sheets

To enable Internet browsers to present all visual elements of your creative design, we use CSS3 along with HTML5 structural markup language, when converting image into clean code. Cascading Style Sheets eliminated the need for using HTML code to customize web page layouts. CSS is a modern standard to describe the look and formatting of a web page written with markup language as well as to customize layout appearance.

Our choice of CSS3 for conversion process is motivated by its greater functionality and new additional features that cannot be found in previous non-module-based versions of style sheet.  Scope of the functions encompassed in every module in this version includes but is not limited to multiple background and text&color layout capabilities.

With your graphic design and our code taking advantage of new HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, your website can achieve a new level of success and attract visitors who come back just to feast their eyes on the incredible web design that gets your market message across vividly and convincingly. There is no reason for us to wait to start integrating these hi-tech solutions with your creative design ideas - many mobile devices and modern browsers (as well as some older ones) already support both HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Using HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to create hand-coded layouts based on your artwork, we can reveal the real power of new-generation technologies. Order our professional conversion service and rest assured that your design will look fantastic on the web – just like it does in your file right now.

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