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Are you already using WordPress? You really should try it out and find out for yourself how easy it has become to get your website off the ground. With professional PSD to WordPress service not only you can run your business online, but do it in style. Just create a design in Photoshop (or any other design tool) and let us handle the task of converting a beautiful image into clean code, resulting in an attractive WordPress theme or web-site that works to provide a boost to your online presence.

During our PSD to WordPress conversion process, rigorous testing is carried out to ensure cross browser compatibility and general W3C standards compliancy. Code testing for all A class browsers is part of the process, including Internet Explorer 6+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. Version of your web site for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android smart-phones is also possible.
A key feature of any WordPress website is its accessibility to search engines. The platform is lauded for efficient organization of stored content which is updated on a daily basis. With our code, your website will be properly optimized, load fast and receive higher rankings from Google and other search engines – all of this on top of looking its best and providing just the functionality you envisioned while creating the design.

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Millions of users manage their websites through WordPress on a daily basis. Ease of use, plugin availability and a large online community all contribute to its growing popularity. Whether you want a personal blog set up on WP or host a small (or not-so-small!) business website – there are options at hand that make these things easy. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

With so many active users and so many WordPress websites, running a company business site on WP today requires design that makes your website stand out from the crowd. Once you have an idea of how your website should look and function, there are two options on how to proceed.

One – do the front-end coding by yourself. This is easy if your company is sufficiently large to employ multiple designers and developers, and more than a couple of people handle each project. Or if you are a guru at every aspect of web design (we know we aren’t!) For most designers including some of our incredibly talented customers, this is not such an easy task.

Two – employ a service like ours to hand-code the markup for you. This option has only one disadvantage – it costs money – and multiple advantages. From the moment you send us the details of what it is you want done and specify what your custom WordPress theme must look and function like, to exchanging feedback and finally receiving the end product, you are in control.

We are a team of front-end coders who do this type of work every day. We make sure that the beautiful images you send to us are transformed properly from PSD to WordPress themes that are easy on the eye and load quickly for improved usability, higher conversion rates and search engine rankings. Working with us allows small companies and individual designers the luxury of focusing their effort on conceptualizing art and being the best creatives they can be.

Once your work in Adobe Photoshop is finished, we are happy to take over and do the ‘dirty work’ of writing the proper code to make sure your WordPress theme jumps off the page and gets noticed by readers, subscribers, clients.

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