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Tableless markup
Tableless CSS Layout - Epitome of Separation of presentation and content

One of the great innovations in web design, cascading style sheets (CSS), was introduced over a decade ago. Its benefits are numerous. Do you still use HTML-based tables for content presentation? Then you realize that making a typo can result in your webpage being completely scrambled and unreadable. Meanwhile, tableless web layout gives you, the web designer, greater control and ease of fixing errors.

cross browser compatible websites
Cross Browser Compatibility

Your favorite web browser is intimately familiar to you. It has a unique set of features that suit your daily needs – both for work and for “just surfing the web”. Viewing a website in a different browser can often be a strange, even stressful experience. The things just aren’t the same!

valid html and css
W3C Valid Markup – a time-tested standard

Have you ever thought of what makes your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, TV set and lots of other gadgets successfully work together, being united into an integral network via various cable and wireless hubs, despite all of them having been produced by different manufacturers in different countries all over the world?  What does it take to make sure your motherboard, CPU, power unit, several HDDs and mass storages fit seamlessly into a scheme that is your precious PC?

seo friendly themes
Search engine indexing in SEO semantic aspects

Index search engine work as an enormous database of network resources; this database is updated and modified on a permanent basis by search bots. Bots are constantly surfing internet and checking updates of the existing sites, as find seo semantic code, they enter all updates and make changes into the base. In case new site just appeared, search bots find new pages, looking through the code and special script enter new information into the base.

Responsive website design
Responsive website design - your site looks great on any device

There are over 4.5 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world, but only 10% of them use smartphones. As 3G Internet coverage spreads and prices drop (a budget smartphone can be had for under $100 today), the significance of making your website accessible to mobile users is critical.