How to add author's photo into google search results

Recently, Google has created an opportunity for webmasters to distinguish your site among others in search results. One of these features - is to add pictures to your blogs result in google organic results.

Visual difference of your website is very important as it is the first thing that a potential user will notice. This small difference will increase chances that  users will go exactly to your blog.

Add photo to your google profile.
First we go to the site, if you are not registered, then you should register. Then go to the "Profile" section and fill out information about yourself, including photos, because the main aim is to see your photo in search results.
Be sure to specify email (preferably gmail), at work and home contacts. And in the "My publications" indicate your website (blog).
Now we need to confirm that the site belongs to you. For this it is necessary to place a link in the form:

Personally, my link you can see the on the left side of the blog in organic results of google.

To test our actions, you should follow your blogs link. If all is done correctly, in preview window you will see your photo.

Now have to wait until all the search engine indexes our information. Personally, I have gone to this one and a half weeks, my colleagues more. So we wait and continue to develop. Best wishes!