How to add author's photo into google search results

Recently, Google has created an opportunity for webmasters to distinguish your site among others in search results. One of these features - is to add pictures to your blogs result in google organic results.

Visual difference of your website is very important as it is the first thing that a potential user will notice. This small difference will increase chances that  users will go exactly to your blog.

Equal height columns. The easiest way to implement

I think any web-developer have heard about equal height columns. This tric makes pages more attarctive and enhance users content perception.

There are a lot of methods equal height columns implementation in Internet, but all of them has disadvantages. Previously, I have always used jQuery script. This is cross-browser solution , but the some users who turn off JavaScript in their browser will see your page without equal height columns and it's rather ugly. Perhaps this is the main disasdvantage of this method.

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