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Equal height columns. The easiest way to implement

I think any web-developer have heard about equal height columns. This tric makes pages more attarctive and enhance users content perception.

There are a lot of methods equal height columns implementation in Internet, but all of them has disadvantages. Previously, I have always used jQuery script. This is cross-browser solution , but the some users who turn off JavaScript in their browser will see your page without equal height columns and it's rather ugly. Perhaps this is the main disasdvantage of this method.

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Wordpress custom fields metabox creation without plugins

Sometimes we need to add a lot of specific custom fields to the post (may be even depending on post category). Standard wordpress custom field metabox doesn't look very friendly. Of course you can use some plugin, like Custom Field Template, but you should consider that any plugin is an extension which is maintained by one or couple authors. You will always depend on it. More over plugins add database tables, there are a lot of security reasons for doing everything in wordpress way, using just core functionality.

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How to create Drupal 7 custom module

if we need to create custom module we shoul create folder with a name of our module in directory sites/all/modules/your_module_name. Then inside this directory we should create two files your_module_name.module. In the first file .info we should paste code given below:


name = Your module name visible in administration interface
description = Module description also visible in admin interface.
package = module package name
core = 7.x


The last line shows that module created for drupal 7.

by Anonymous
Drupal Commerce, automatic product display generation module.

Comparing Ubercart and Drupal Commerce I've made a conclusion that Commerce is better. At first glance, commerce is very and very complicated but it worth to be understood. I can easily explain why, my expirience with Ubercart is quite enough to understand it's illogical nature. For example you need to create multicurrency store, Commerce have nice multicurrency module (in later articles i'll explain how to use it). Ubercart on the contrary doesn't have it. More over Commerce has friendly api and  a lot of examples for developpers.

by Anonymous
Drupal Commerce add to cart form alter enabling radio, titles, product image, and price

Any e-shop owner whant to show all possible product variations (i mean variations wich depends on attributes: color, size, etc). In drupal commerce product display are shown with only one commerce product and it changes after customer select another item in select list. Being honest its not quite comfortable. That is why we have done form alter which changes select list on radio, also shows product titles, image, and price.

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Automatic product display creation while creating product type in drupal commerce

This post is just a repost of information. The link to this post was lost unfortunately but information is very helpfull, so let's begin. In drupal commerce creating product display is separated from creating product type. it means that one product type can have multiple product displays. But in most cases we don't need such functionality, then we should implement one rule using the module with the same name - Rules.

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How to add fancybox gallery to Drupal site

You should add this peace of js to your template for adding fancybox gallery to you site. We can add it inside by adding string:

scripts[] = js/script.js

or we can simply add it inside any template we need. This code adds class zoom to special link on the node page, then we call fancybox gallery for any link with zoom class. To make navigation between our images we need to put rel attribute inside our link. We can do this with a help of theming. Here is a link

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Change Ubercart cart form view with corresponding template

In order to change custom view of ubercart cart form we need to use themplate uc_cart_view_form.tpl.php. If you want to add a price column for each product you just need to paste the code given below into file with uc_cart_view_form.tpl.php name, then you should clear drupal caches using path: /admin/config/development/performance.

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