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Subscriptions taxonomy from multiple vocabularies (Drupal 6)

Sometimes the needed functionality that goes beyond the boundaries of what we have.
But the problem is trivial, and there is no solution - we have to finish her ​​decision on the basis of existing modules.

So, the problem is to select the module Substsriptions terms from different vocabularies s

o that the filtered material in the subscription as the "AND" rather than "OR".

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Get image style url in field template (Drupal 7)

We have got certain image style url in field--image.tpl.php template for implement fancybox gallery. We need link to different size image as a wrapper for this image thumbnail.


<a href="style/large/image.jpg"><image src="style/thumb/image.jpg" /></a>

Solution (put to field--image.tpl.php "foreach ($items AS $item)" loop):

$item['#path']['path'] = file_create_url(image_style_path('large', $item['#item']['uri']));
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